7 Health Benefits of Diving

Health benefits of diving

The health benefits of diving in Lanzarote make this activity more than fun and educational. The dives not only give us a unique opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the deep, but also have incredible effects on our body, both physically and mentally. 

This makes it one of the most complete sports, since in addition to improving circulation, helping us fight insomnia and strengthening our muscles, it also promotes initiatives for the preservation of the environment and positive values such as teamwork. 

But the above is just a foretaste. In this post you will discover what are all those positive impacts that diving offers us to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing Join us! 

7 Health benefits of scuba diving

In the following list we tell you how practicing scuba diving will help you to have a healthier and fuller life, besides being an ideal summer plan to have fun! 

1. Ideal for strengthening your muscles

When we dive we don't stop moving, kicking and bracing to go from one place to another. And if we add to this factors such as the difficulty of the aquatic environment for human mobility and the added weight of the equipment we carry, we have as a result a perfect activity to tone our muscles

Certainly, the movements we make when diving are very different from those made in a gym. Underwater we move slowly, which helps to prolong the movement of the muscles and, at the same time, is ideal for keeping them under constant tension. 

This will translate into more toned legs and a stronger abdomen

2. It is highly beneficial for your respiratory and cardiovascular system.

When we dive we practice breathing exercise, which helps us to expand our lung capacity. This is especially convenient to improve oxygen utilization, stimulate the lymphatic system and is even perfect for releasing toxins

At the same time, all the muscles in your body are working simultaneously and, to do so, they require oxygen. To allow this, your blood vessels open up to allow all that oxygen to be transported to your muscles. 

This, at the same time, produces great benefits for the strengthening of the heart and blood circulation. Therefore, it ends up favoring the cardiovascular system. Undoubtedly, one of the best health benefits of diving. 

Calorie burning in scuba diving

3. Contributes to burning calories

When practicing a sport such as scuba diving, we perform physical exercises during which hundreds of calories are burned per dive. Even if we dive in considerably cold water, the body will need to burn more to maintain our body heat. 

It is estimated that each 30-minute dive can burn up to 222 calories (varies according to body weight). 

It is also important to note that another of the benefits of diving is that it also accelerates the metabolism. This happens as a result of the (moderate) accumulation of nitrogen that our body tries to expel up to 18 hours after a dive.

4. May help lower blood pressure

We know that one of the benefits of diving is that we experience unique moments of relaxation that help us reduce anxiety and stress. help us to reduce anxiety and stress.. The reason for this effect is because, as we descend, the water temperature also progressively decreases.

To this we must also add the slow and deep breaths that are taken during the dives. This situation causes both the body and the blood vessels to calm down, so that the heart rate will be lower and, therefore, blood pressure will decrease. the heart rate will be lower and, therefore, the blood pressure will be reduced..

It is even believed that regular diving is even believed to lower the risk of stroke and heart attacks. and heart attacks.

5. It can be a great alternative to improve sleep quality.

After a full day of diving it is very common for us to experience a more restful sleep. This is because the fluid movements, conscious breathing, the underwater scenery and the overall diving experience have a very positive impact on our mind

All these factors together make it easier for anyone to get a deep sleep at the end of the day, waking up fully refreshed. Therefore, another benefit of scuba diving is that it helps fight insomnia

6. Helps you practice conscious breathing and improves your concentration.

A golden rule in scuba diving is to never hold your breath. On the contrary, we should focus on breathing slowly and deeply, which is an excellent exercise for the muscles, heart and blood circulation. 

At the same time, by practicing this activity you will have the opportunity to perform conscious breathing, which will allow you to pay attention and control the rhythm of your breathing to combat negative feelings. At the same time, it will be of great help to calm your nervous system

Similarly, deep breathing improves our endurance during exercise, as well as strengthens and stimulates the immune system. It even accustoms us to breathe correctly on the surface in our daily life, which improves the oxygenation of the organism

Another of the incredible benefits of scuba diving is that it is useful to clear your mind and achieve better concentration. This is because, while diving you must pay close attention to your surroundings, so your brain is able to improve its ability to concentrate.

And, as if that were not enough, it is an excellent activity to improve coordination, because when we try to keep our balance underwater, we make both brain hemispheres work. As a result, it improves our spatial orientation and psychomotor skills.

7. Improves emotional well-being

We know that swimming can have a therapeutic effect, since it activates positive connections in our mind, thus generating a feeling of greater well-being and relaxation. This effect is increased when practicing scuba diving due to the continuous and absolute immersion under the sea, added to the pleasure of feeling as if we were flying. 

It also serves to considerably reduce stress and anxiety, because the breathing techniques we should use when diving are very similar to those applied when meditating. 

At the same time, focusing on exploring underwater life and relaxing to the point of just listening to the sound of one's own breathing can be an excellent ally to distract the mind from day-to-day problems

In this way, it helps our body and central nervous system to re-establish their natural balance. This makes it even useful for relieving hyperactivity disorders..

This whole set of sensations brings us a well-being that goes beyond the strictly physical, because this great experience also contributes to our mental balance. 

Health benefits of diving

Other benefits of diving

In addition to getting incredible benefits for both your physical and mental health, diving will also introduce you to a wide variety of marine life. At the same time, you will discover unique landscapes that will have a great relaxing effect on your body.

The sea environment, with sun and salt water can also have positive effects, both for our skin and bones. Therefore, when scuba diving, seawater becomes a beneficial factor that will improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin

Through sunlight, on the other hand, we increase the levels of vitamin D in the body, which improves the absorption of calcium in the bones, increasing their health and strength. In this way we also contribute to increase the production of endorphins in the brain, which stimulates positive feelings such as happiness.  

Likewise, when we promote sports such as scuba diving, we contribute to raising awareness about the preservation of the oceans. In fact, a large number of divers often pick up the garbage that people throw into the sea, from plastics to nets found on reefs. 

By taking part in initiatives like these, we help the planet by cleaning up aquatic spaces and protecting marine life.

Diving also fosters social integration, companionship and teamwork. It also serves to promote other forms of expression through gestures and sign language used during the dives.

Knowing all these health benefits of scuba diving, you won't look at your next dive the same way. It may even increase your appreciation for the sport and will be the perfect way to do something as healthy as it is fun.

With Titan Blue Divers you can enjoy a day of diving in Lanzarote full of adventure and great benefits for your mental and physical health. We teach courses for any level of experience, from PADI Open Water Diver for those who are just starting, to the more advanced ones like the Advanced Open Water.

Remember that if you have any doubts or questions, you can tell us in the comments or contact us directly.

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